Young People's Counselling

The Young People's Counselling Service is a free, accessible service for Craigroyston Community High School & Broughton High School students.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is where you can meet the counsellor in a safe place within the high school you attend.  Counsellors are trained to listen carefully and help you think and talk about the things that matter to you. 

Counselling is confidential.  This means that the counsellor will not talk to anyone else about what has happened in the counselling session without you knowing about it.

There is no right or wrong way of doing this.  For example, some people start be telling their life story, while others start with how they are feeling right now.  Sometimes drawing, painting, using music or other things can help with this.

Students usually come to counselling once a week for the length of a subject period.  This arrangement is regularly reviewed together and can las for as long as the student and counsellor feel it is helpful.  Pupil support staff can arrange for students to get a note to let them out of class for their counselling appointment.  These notes will not say why the student is leaving class, only that they have permission to leave.

Why Come to Counselling?

Counselling is not a magic wand, but sometimes being listened to can help you to feel better about yourself and your situation.  It can also help you to understand yourself and life better and maybe make changes.

People come to counselling for lots of different reasons:

  • You're feeling worried, anxious, angry, lonely, confused or sad
  • You're having difficulties at home, school or elsewhere
  • You've lost someone or something that you care about
  • You're struggling with relationships
  • You're disliking yourself or feeling worthless
  • You're fed up with life

How do I get Counselling?

If you would like more information, or think counselling could help you, please contact the counsellor directly.

Telephone us  or email us and we will arrange a call back.  There may be a waiting list, but the counsellor will keep in touch with you and offer you a time to meet as soon as they can.

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Contact Vikki-Lee Fyfe or Jane Christie -
or Carol Targett -

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Counselling has helped me increase more in confidence and helped me believe in myself. I feel it has helped me express my emotions.
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Young Person’s Counselling 12-18 Years
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1:1 Support
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