Pilton Community Health Project's creche is a welcoming place where your children can play safley whilst you are taking part in a meeting or group activity.  Children are given a rich and stimulating experience.  They are encouraged to learn and develop through play.  We offer a wide range of toys, equipment and activities for children to choose, including creative arts, book corner, construction toys and jigswas. 

We look after children who are over 6 weeks and under 12 years of age.  Feel free to come in and see our creche for yourself and discuss any arrangements or concerns you have, including any allergies or other needs.  You are welcome to spend some time in the creche to help settle your child/children.  Our creche is registered with the Care Commission.

Our child care service is also available to outside agencies who may use our premises.

The creche must be booked in advance.

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Contact Vikki-Lee Fyfe or Jane Christie -

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My son can't wait to kick his shoes off - sometimes he takes them off at reception and runs down the corridor!
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