Walk/Jog Club

Wednesday 29th March at 6:38pm

The club is run by volunteers it is free of charge.  
We leave Monday 6.30pm from the Spartans entrance.
The walk/ jog usually lasts an hour
We recommend you wear trainers and loose clothing.
If you feel you need water please bring your own.
If you need to leave anything you can leave things in locker room at the Spartans. It will be locked.

The club is intended to give anyone who has never jogged before or who is less confident jogging a really gentle introduction.
Initially we only jog for about 1 minute at a time. We will do a warm up and cool down as well.
Registration will be before the club, you will need to fill in a 2 sided form, part of which is a disclaimer and says that you are responsible for their own health. It also acts as a baseline for measuring their fitness so that they can see progress as they go on.
We recommend if they have any health issues and are worried about whether they can jog or not to pop along to their GP and ask their advice.
The club will run for a 3 month block (the next one starts at the beginning of July). There is no commitment to stay but it is worth sticking with it to get results.