Swimming for cash - a personal perspective

Wednesday 28th September at 4:41pm

Its the calm before the excitement and pressure of tomorrow's swim.  Its been good to hear the regular updates from all the participants about how many lengths they have done this week and witness the determination that the team have.

I suppose I started this because, despite all my grumblings, I think the work that we do is really important.  Health inequalities mean people who are born and grow up in poorer areas are more likely to have long term health conditions and will die earlier.  The perception is that this is because they make the wrong choices, or don't know how to spend their money.  We see time and time again that residents of north Edinburgh do want to make the right choices but circumstances - like lack of a car, or services that are not on a bus route, inflexible appointments clashing with times when they HAVE to work, being a single parent, affordable food being highly processed and so much more - make it much more difficult to be healthy.  If you've suffered trauma recovery can be much more difficult or complex if you are also worrying about money.

People want and like the work we do.  We know this from our cooking club to have spent three days preparing and then all day on their feet selling at the bake sale.  They said to me that they just want to do their bit to help, as they like coming in and sharing their recipes with each other.  We know it from all the residents who give their time to support others like Sean who is now leading cooking groups himself.  Or one of our walking volunteers who has been leading walking group with us for more than 12 years.  We know it from the ex-client who just donated over £100.  These are not the people you will see on the television programmes that shape our understanding of what goes on in poorer communities.  These are the real people that I have the priviledge of working with and for every day.

I've been really touched by the residents we work with who have come into the project to give us some cash to support us.  I know they will miss the money they have given us.  But, clearly, they value the work that we do. 

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