Your questions matter! Edinburgh North and Leith

Thursday 12th March at 4:28pm

The election campaigns are in full swing and we are begining to find out what each of the political Parties will put in their manifestos.  Next Thursday you will have your chance to put your questions to candidates for Edinburgh North and Leith.  They will be answering questions from 6.30 till 8pm at Royston Wardieburn Community Centre. 

Soup will be available from 6pm.  Please do contact Anita on 0131 551 1671 by Monday 16th if you need help with childcare.


The following information has been put together to help you think about what you may want to ask - but feel free to ask about any issue of concern to you.

Health is a matter devolved to the Scottish Parliament.  However, many issues that are decided at Westminster also affect our wider health and well-being, for example poverty.  Also, some decisions that are made at Westminster may have an effect on the NHS in Scotland.  For example:  funding for the Scottish NHS is proportionate to the NHS England – so if Westminster decide to give less to the NHS in England the same is true for Scotland.  Many are concerned about TTIP and the affect that this will have on the NHS in Scotland. 

Local residents tell us the following issues affect their health

  • Poverty and low-income.  You may want to ask your prospective MP questions about minimum wages, workers’ rights, zero hour contracts.  Benefits levels, systems and sanctions (social security), fuel and food poverty.
  • Being included.  You may want to ask about equal opportunities/rights or immigration policy.  You may want to ask about how your voice is heard and other democratic issues.

UK government at Westminster holds responsibility for

  • fiscal, economic and monetary System
  • social security
  • employment legislation
  • immigration and nationality
  • energy: electricity, coal, gas and nuclear energy
  • equal opportunities
  • trade and industry, including competition and customer protection
  • common markets
  • some aspects of transport, including railways, transport safety and regulation
  • gambling and the National Lottery
  • abortion, human fertilisation and embryology, genetics, xenotransplantation and vivisection
  • data protection
  • constitutional matters
  • UK foreign policy
  • UK defence and national security


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