Good Food for All - report from the conference

Good Food for All
Thursday 12th March at 4:58pm

We are now launching the report from the Good Food for All event we held in December. 

The event was attended by 40 local residents and workers and was an opportunity to look at the extent of food poverty in the area and what needs to change to tackle it.

Community Development Manager, Anita Aggarwal, said ‘It’s clear locals are very concerned about the impact food poverty is having on their families and neighbours.  They talked about ‘extreme budgeting’ and the guilt and shame they felt if they had to borrow money to feed their children – or use a food bank.'

The report concludes that local people and organisations are working extremely hard to overcome food poverty and have the skills, willingness and abilities to work together on this issue. However, we cannot end food poverty without action from Government on the following issues

  • Living wages
  • Job creation and security
  • Social security and the punitive sanctions regime
  • Better recognition of the contribution that this local community makes towards improving its own food culture and access to affordable, fresh, healthy food and further support for this
  • The role of business in the provision of food.

We will continue to work with the Food for Thought Forum and other agencies outside the area to share the work we are doing, but critically to influence the decision makers who are causing these issues.  We welcome the statement from The City of Edinburgh Council last week on the eradication of poverty in our cities and its emphasis on working with people with experience of poverty to ensure everyone has access to a nutritious diet.  We look forward to working with them and others to find new ways of approaching this issue.

Copies of the report are available at or by contacting 0131 551 1671.

For more information contact Anita Aggarwal, Community Development Manager 0131 551 1671