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Pilton Community Health Project (PCHP) seeks to offer high quality services.   It is important that people who use our services are satisfied with them.   We understand that there may be times when people who use our services wish to make a complaint.

If you have a complaint about the service you have received we want to hear about it.  We take all complaints seriously and treat them thoroughly and sensitively.

The PCHP Complaints Officer can assist you to make your complaint e.g. help you put your complaint in writing, providing a translation service.  A complainant may ask for a friend or relative to help them make a complaint.  PCHP will act on a complaint made by a friend or relative provided we can be satisfied that the person is legitimately acting on behalf of the complainant.

This is an excerpt of the PCHP Complaints Policy and Procedure.  You can find the full complaints policy and procedure above.